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No shopping, chopping, or juicing required. Just add cold water, stir briskly, and you've got the tastiest way to get your daily dose of greens.

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"A green supplement that actually tastes good!"

Jessica S.
Verified Buyer
United States

"Hands down the best tasting greens I’ve ever had."

Ralph D.
Verified Buyer
United States

"It's the best powdered greens I've tried!"

Alison S.
Verified Buyer
United States

"Far above the best tasting greens and easy on the stomach."

Penny J.
Verified Buyer
United States

The tastiest way to get your daily dose of greens.

Simply add one scoop to 12oz of water and stir briskly. As soon as you take a sip you’ll be delighted with an unexpectedly minty sweet drink. Some say it reminds them of the southern sweet tea their grandma used to make on a hot summer's day.

Now this isn’t your typical greens powder drink… you know the ones I’m talking about. The ones where it tastes like they followed the lawn mower around and scooped up grass clippings. We’ve tried a lot of green powders and most just taste gross.

After years of taste testing greens powders, we decided it was time to make our own. A greens drink that has only the best ingredients, zero fillers, additives or anything artificial. That’s 100% plants.

We've taken the freshest greens (like cold pressed barley grass juice powder, spirulina, and chlorella) along with key veggies and fruits. Then flavored it with all natural stevia, cinnamon, lemon and mint.

It tastes so good you won’t even think it’s healthy! (independently confirmed by our 5 kids)

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size
1 Scoop (8g)
Total Fat
1 g
Total Carbohydrates
5 g
Dietary Fiber
1 g
Total Sugar
1 g
1 mg
20 mg
Certified Organic Greens Blend: Cold-Pressed Barley Grass Juice Powder, Spirulina, Chlorella, Spinach, Broccoli, Parsley,  Kale, Aloe Vera, Kelp.

Nutrim© Oat Bran, Apple, Papaya, Pineapple, Kiwi, Sunflower Lecithin, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Stevia, Lemon and Mint.
Contains no gluten, dairy, soy, egg, GMOs, MSG, fillers, additives or anything artificial.
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Gabriela D.
United States United States
Daily Dose of Greens is a game changer

Its so incredibly sweet! I honestly thought I was going to have to push through the taste because lets be honest most green drinks aren't the best tasting. But this one was surprisingly minty almost like a mint tea and its incredible! It comes with a scoop to measure out and the consistency is great! Will definitely purchase again and recommend to anyone that will listen to me

Penny J.
United States United States
Refreshing Taste

I've been looking for something to help me supplement my issues with not being able to eat leafy greens. Daily Dose Greens is far above the best tasting greens and easy on the stomach. I have severe gastric issues and the Daily Dose Greens doesn't bother me at all. You are going to love it! Penny Jones

Cat B.
United States United States
Best tasting greens!

When I received my package, I opened it to a small note that said thank you for purchasing and packed with love. Already it made me feel good knowing that time and care was taken with presentation. I also enjoyed the emails updating me on its tracking and delivery. The actual tasting of the greens was very surprising. They just didn’t taste like greens at all. Almost like a mint mojito minus the alcohol. It’s sweet and minty, but not in an overpowering way. I definitely recommend the greens and this company. My whole experience has been great!

Andrew S.
United States United States
Genuinely Surprised!

My experience with greens drinks has been--unfortunate. I'm a practical eater by nature and can tolerate most tastes, but even wheat grass gives me pause; in fact, I had just purchased another tub of greens and it tastes, well, not ideal. THESE GREENS, THOUGH. Seriously, it tastes legitimately good, and even my wife (who enjoys the finer things in life and is more stringent about taste) likes it, so I knew that Daily Dose had nailed it. I think you guys did something great, and I really want your greens to go places.

Jessica S.
United States United States
A Green Supplement That Actually Tastes Good!

I love green drinks and powders but have always had a hard time finding one that doesn't taste like dirt. Most supplements are too chalky or need to be added to a smoothie to mask the taste. That is absolutely not the case with Daily Dose Greens. This product is absolutely fantastic! It tastes great and blends perfectly into a glass of water. It even has a minty sweetness to it that is reminiscent of sweet tea. I could absolutely see myself drinking this every day. With this product, you can still get all your daily greens without having to plug your nose and gulp it down. I genuinely enjoyed drinking this!

A Daily Dose Greens Customer
Hannah W.
United States United States
So happy I found this!

I am always looking to add more greens into my diet because I definitely don’t eat enough and I was so excited to try this! I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I took my first sip but the flavor took me by surprise because it was so good! The sweet mint flavor is so refreshing and delicious that I am seriously looking forward to drinking this again tomorrow!

Jeremy D.
United States United States
Actually tastes great!

Loved the convenient scoop that was provided. The drink mixed easy and went down even easier. Unlike other green drinks I have tried I didn’t have to shoot it down. I actually enjoyed drinking this. It was sweet and minty and I’ll be ordering more!

Ben S.
United States United States
Excellent Taste!

I did not know what to exactly expect prior to my first taste, but man, was I pleasantly surprised! Daily Dose Greens has a plethora of desirable ingredients in a very generous scoop size. It is easy to mix, very soluble, and goes down easy. I recommend this to anyone who is conscious about their health and looking for some much needed revitalization.

A Daily Dose Greens Customer
Alexis K.
United States United States
Better than you think it will be.

I love protein shakes and eating healthy but sometimes it isn't tasty and sometimes the texture is just gross. I tried this Daily Dose Greens and was amazed by the taste. It has a mild minty taste, when mixed with cold water is really refreshing. I liked that it was light and didn't have a grainy texture. It left me feeling hydrated for hours after I drank the first glass. It is a great way to start the morning. I made my first one in a standard glass and stirred it with a spoon and I made a second one in my blender bottle to compare. I liked the blender bottle mix better but it was better in a regular glass than a lot of other drink mixes are. It doesn't clump or only mix half of the scoop. I would recommend this product to others and I would definitely use this product again myself.

Ralph D.
United States United States
Hands down the best tasting greens I’ve ever had.

So enjoyable and refreshing. Hands down the best tasting greens I’ve ever had. I find myself mixing other greens products with juices or shakes in order to hide the taste of a fresh cut lawn. However, with Daily Dose Greens the flavor is so good you only need water. It mixes easily and leaves a nice froth on top. I recommend pouring over ice. It’s unbelievably refreshing. It’s my new go-to when sitting outside on a hot summer day.

Daily Dose Greens 30 Doses of Greens Review


Do you offer a sample of your product?

We wanted to make it as easy as possible for people to try our product. That's why we offer our 7-day sample bottle. This gives you a full 7 servings to see how you like the taste and how it makes you feel before committing.

We offer it as a one-time purchase or you can choose to "Subscribe & Save" and get your 7-day sample for only $10.

Note: We hate trying to cancel auto-ship just as much as you do. That's why we've made it extra easy to manage your subscription inside your account. At anytime you can click to cancel without ever talking to anyone! Or just send us an email.

How are your ingredients sourced?

We really believe that the best nutrition comes from freshly harvested plants, fruits and vegetables. Our mission is really very simple. Protect the nutrients from harvest to delivery. That's why we source all our ingredients from the best farms on the planet. All the ingredients are then brought together and packaged up for you in the United States.

Every raw ingredient supplier must pass our strict quality standards - most don't make it. Then, once we get them, every single ingredient is subjected to a battery of tests (with sciencey sounding names like infrared spectro-something-or-other) by smart people in lab coats.

What does it taste like?

It's surprisingly sweet and minty. Some say it reminds them of southern sweet tea or green tea with honey, but it's something you just got to taste for yourself!

Unlike, a lot of the greens powders we've tried in the past, it doesn't have that freshly cut lawn clipping taste. We wanted to ensure we created a recipe that you'll love to drink daily!

Can I drink this if I have food allergies?

Our greens contains no gluten, dairy, soy, egg, GMOs, MSG, fillers, additives or anything artificial. It also does not contain sucrose, dextrose, maltodextrin, yeast or any added sugar or salt. Where possible, we only used certified organic ingredients. But please check with a health professional if you have specific concerns.

Is this 100% plant-based & vegan?

It's 100% planted based and contains absolutely zero animal products. It also contains no artificial sweeteners, just a pinch of the natural stevia plant. At only 35 calories, there are few diets it won't work with!

What are the benefits of your Greens?

If you're anything like us, it's hard to get all the greens we're suppose to eat every day. But with just one glass of our greens, you've consumed 9 different organic greens, 5 different fruits, superfoods & herbs. It's a great way to get a hearty dose of bioavailable vitamins, minerals and nutrients - all from plants.