Why Do Greens Have To Taste So Bad?


This is something we’ve wondered ourselves for years and... years. It was about 6 years ago at a health expo that we decided to finally find a greens powder we could drink.

We tasted every product on the market. Here’s my wife, Katie, tasting one of the products (does she look like she's enjoying it?). We left without finding one single product we’d drink on a consistent basis. Sure, we could plug our nose and choke it down in the name of good health.

But what about something we’d crave and be delighted to drink daily.

Small, But Mighty

Eventually, we decided there has to be a better way.  That’s when our little family powdered juice venture was born. With a small warehouse in Illinois and our U.S. based manufacturer we got to work to formulate a surprisingly tasty green drink.

From Iceland To Greens Land

It’s Iceland where our story begins. We’re both former U.S. Navy members that met while stationed in Iceland. Initially bonding through our love for health & fitness, it was years later we reconnected through Facebook of all places! Fast forward some years later and our modern Brady Bunch Family was born (5 kids and 1 grandbaby).

Only The Best Ingredients

Today, we make getting your fruits and veggies just a little more possible and a little less painful. We carefully choose every single ingredient in our formulas with maximum health benefits in mind, scrutinizing each and every one to ensure its taste, freshness and nutritional value.

We Believe Taste Is Important

Sure, we know eating kale is healthy. Sure, we know we should eat more fruits and veggies daily. But if I could choose between something tasty over a pile of kale… the tasty thing wins every time. Our goal is to make getting your greens taste so good you’ll crave it.

Ready to taste it?