The Cold Press

Chances are, you’ve heard about lecithin in one form or another — most of us know about soy lecithin, a food additive that’s typically used as an emulsifier. It’s also an additive that many of us have been warned to steer clear of (more on this below). The good news is that there is another option — Sunflower Lecithin.

The idea of adding cold-pressed juice to our diet sounds like a pretty amazing and super healthy idea, right? But, then when we take a look at the costly burden of having tons of fresh produce on hand at all times, picking up a fresh cold-pressed juice at Whole Foods, or how much cleanup is involved, many of us are simply put off by the idea.

Wheatgrass has had its shining moment in the wellness industry for some time now — from wheatgrass shots to wheatgrass powders, it’s something many of us may be familiar with. But, it can be hard to tolerate as it’s not always the most delicious tasting green juice out there.

Eating more greens sounds easy enough, right? It’s something we’ve all been told to do for as long as most of us can remember, but the truth is that it’s not usually the first thing we reach for — we tend to load our plates up with everything but the greens.